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Today's social networks don't do their bit enough to actually connecting people. The algorithm they use is simplified and is mostly based on imposing irrational suggestions on who you should connect with, without delving into the reasons why you would connect with those people at all. It usually works like this: suppose we have a social network and three guys, John, Dan and Joe who have their profiles there. John is connected with Dan and Dan is connected with Joe, but John and Joe are not connected with each other. The algorithm will suggest that John and Joe should connect with each other because they have a common acquaintance (Dan), but what does it actually mean in practice? If the two of them have nothing in common, John has no good reason to connect with Joe and no real mutual benefit would come out of it.
This now leads to another conclusion - the above-mentioned algorithm is not good enough. Much more attention needs to be paid to the tangible reasons why people should connect with each other and what benefits this would bring to their lives and businesses.
Who are the actual owners of your social media profiles?
This question is easy to answer. According to the way social networks are conceived, the owners of your profiles are not you, but the networks themselves. You are only users of accounts provided by their websites and applications, as long as they allow you to be. We are all witnessing what problems this can lead to. We don't find it recommendable for someone who wants to build a business profile or base a long-term strategy.
Social media and business networks must be reorganized in such a way that
  • they must provide tools that will allow users to connect taking into account their authentic needs and interests, instead of wasting time wandering the network, analyzing profiles and randomly searching for contacts;
  • user data must be available both online and offline; we suggest digital cards that users can download and share independently from the network. Just as well,
  • entering incorrect data and creating fake profiles must be kept to a minimum; we find that the control exercised by digital cards is remarkable.
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How it works with our digital business cards
Our business network is designed to act as a matchmaker, which automatically connects you with other digital card users in your business area, who you share the same business interests with.
For example, if you are unemployed, you will be looking for an employer, and vice versa. So the search engine provided by our business network will suggest such contacts to you.
Companies and entrepreneurs want to connect with other companies and entrepreneurs, or investors from the same or related areas of business. If you are an investor in the music industry, you will be looking for companies, startups and entrepreneurs from the music industry and related fields to invest in them. If you are a startup in agriculture, you will look for an investor who deals with livestock, vegetables, fruits, or farming, and so on. You will certainly not be interested in investing in construction companies, regardless of whether your wife is a civil engineer, or just because you have a mutual friend who loves architecture. It sounds ridiculous, but that's exactly how it works with most of social networks today - all that matters is to have as many users as possible and increase the number of contacts to as many as possible. They all fall into the trap of big numbers. And what benefit we have from these large numbers and whether we have any benefit at all, no one can tell for sure.
So this needs to change. Social networks must no longer miss the point and not understand the essence, or overlook the most important part of it. We believe that the postulate on which our business network is based will achieve the best results in bringing people together, reconciling their common goals and interests. This is expected to become the leading standard in the near future, as it makes the pieces finally starting to fall into place.
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Digital business card is an advanced solution in the form of a well-designed digital document that best represents you personally, your company or organization, or your product in the digital world. The owner of a digital business card can be any person, whether employed or unemployed, a company, organization, entrepreneur, startup or investor.
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