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Digital business cards vs. physical business cards

Digital business card is a well-designed digital document standing for an advanced solution for your presentation in the business world
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The ascendancy of a digital (virtual) business (e)card
Digital business card is an advanced solution in the form of a well-designed digital document that best represents you personally, your company or organization, or your product in the digital world. A virtual business card has a number of advantages over a physical business card:
  • A digital card can hold much more data available anytime, anywhere.
  • The data stored within a digital card can be changed at any time, without the need to create a new card.
  • You don't have to be in physical contact with someone to share your digital card - you can send it via email or a messaging app, or simply post it on social media.
  • A digital card can be produced in an unlimited number of copies and shared with an unlimited number of people at no extra cost.
  • A digital card can be used to view audio and video presentations of the cardholder, as well as his biography.
  • A digital card allows you to connect with business people around the world by forming a digital business network.
  • A digital card allows you to add people with whom you share the same business interests to your own digital business catalog.
  • The authenticity of a digital card can be infallibly verified by utilizing a digital signature and a digital certificate.
  • The possibility of entering incorrect data and creating fake profiles is reduced to a minimum, because the control performed by digital cards is remarkably reliable.
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The owner of a digital business card can be any person, whether employed or unemployed, a company, organization, entrepreneur, startup or investor.
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