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Each Biz2Card digital card has an emdedded personalized QR code printed in the middle of the card and another barcode in the lower right corner that contains a uniquely generated digital certificate. Whether by scanning the QR code or by scanning the digital card itself, card users get instant access to a virtual account with all the information that the cardholder has made publicly available.
The owner of a Biz2Card digital card can be any person, whether employed or unemployed, a company, organization, entrepreneur, startup or investor. Biz2Card digital cards are suitable for use on every desktop and mobile device and are easy to download and share. The possibility of entering incorrect data and creating fake profiles is reduced to a minimum, because the control performed by digital cards is remarkably reliable.
As a Biz2Card e-card holder, you are offered the opportunity to connect with other digital card users who you share the same business or other interests with, or create your own catalog by collecting digital cards shared by others cardholders. This is expected to become the leading standard in the near future.
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