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Create or Update Your Biz2Card Digital Business Card

How to create / update a digital (virtual) business (e)Card
There are four steps you need to take to create your own modern, permanent and personalized e-card that you can easily download, save to your computer or phone, update, forward to your partners and customers and use to connect with other Biz2Card users:
STEP 1: Make sure to sign up and create your Biz2Card account for free. If you have signed up already, you just need to log in to your Biz2Card account.
STEP 2: After you have signed up (or logged in), you'll be automatically redirected to the Biz2Card apps and tools page.
STEP 3: On the apps and tools page, you will choose the option for creating or updating your digital business card:
STEP 4: You will fill out the form with your business information and upload your profile picture. That's all it takes for your digital business card to be created and ready to be downloaded and forwarded to your partners and clients.
Once the card has been initally created, you can put additional content into your Biz2Card multimedia showcase consisting of images, audio, video and PDF files that best describe your business profile, or the business profile of the company you are working in.
Biz2Card e-card is a unique digital document, suitable for practical use, which represents you, your company or organization, or your product in the business world in a clear and definite way and more efficiently than an address book, website, or social network profile.
Connect your business to a digitally signed, customized, everlasting, credible and up-to-date virtual card with a digital certificate.
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Biz2Card Digital is a service for creating and distributing digital business cards with multimedia online content.
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