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Create Your Own Digital (Virtual) Business (e)Card With A Digital Certificate

Digital business card is a well-designed digital document suitable for anyone, whether employed or unemployed, a company, organization, entrepreneur, startup or investor to present themselves in the business world
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Biz2Card Business: What is a digital (virtual) business (e)card with a digital certificate?
Biz2Card Business is an advanced solution in the form of a well-designed digital document that best represents you personally, your company or organization, or your product in the digital world. Whether by scanning the QR code or by scanning the digital card itself, card users get instant access to a virtual account with all the information that the cardholder has made publicly available.
The owner of a digital business card can be any person, whether employed or unemployed, a company, organization, entrepreneur, startup or investor. Biz2Card Business is suitable for use on every desktop and mobile device and is easy to download and share. The possibility of entering incorrect data and creating fake profiles is reduced to a minimum, because the control performed by digital cards is remarkably reliable.
A virtual business card has a number of advantages over a physical business card, which you can read more about here.
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Static vs. dynamic business card data
There are static data that the user enters when creating the digital business card and which can no longer be changed, such as the name of the cardholder, email address, profession, country, state/region and city of origin. This information is directly related to the one-time generated digital signature and the built-in digital certificate, thereby confirming the authenticity of the business cardholder and the integrity of the business card itself.
On the other hand, data such as business status, areas of interest, street address, phone number, website, biography, audio or video presentation, etc. are dynamic and can be updated at any time. Any change is immediately visible on the cardholder's online hosted profile and is available upon scanning the QR code on the digital card.
A digital classic business card is most similar to what we call a digital virtual representation of a physical card, while digital audio and video cards, additionally, include audio and video presentations of the cardholder.
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The name of the cardholder and his profession are written on the front of the digital card. In the lower right corner of the card is a barcode with a digital certificate, while in the middle of the card is a QR code associated with the virtual profile of the cardholder available upon scanning.
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